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      SimmPay Terms and Conditions:  Updated 29th Aug. 2018


      New and existing students and staff can join SimmPay- Cashless Catering Rewards- by downloading the SimmPay APP or creating an account by going to


      Customer who join this scheme will need to link their ID card to their SimmPay account.  Customers are responsible for registering their ID card against their account before it can be used to purchase items. ID Cards will not work until they have been registered.  Customers can get the internal serial number of their ID card from any catering cashier in the Refectory.


      Customers can then load funds into their SimmPay account which can be used to purchase food and drink items, which are individually priced in Catering & Bar outlets.


      Customers need to present their ID card or the APP on their phone when using funds on their SimmPay accounts.   Catering staff can ask to see ID if they require verification that ID cards or accounts are not being misused.  Customers who have no ID/ APP will not be able to use any funds on their SimmPay account.


      Resident Students on a Catered package, will have their meal points automatically credited on a daily basis to their Catered Meal purse on their account. Meal points do not carry over if not used.  Meal points can only be used in the Refectory during the advertised meal times.  Weekday Breakfast (8am-10am), Weekday Dinner (4.30pm -7.30pm), Weekend Brunch (10.30am-12.30pm), Weekend Dinner (4.30pm-6.30pm).  


      Resident Students on a Catered package will receive 10 meal points each weekday and 7 meal points for Brunch and 7 meal points for weekend dinners. 


      Resident Students on a Catered package can add more funds into their cashless purse and can use these funds to pay for items during lunch or to pay for any food and drink items in other outlets. When in the Refectory during catered meal times, meal points from the catered purse will be deducted first before any funds from the Cashless purse can be taken if there is an overspend.


      Catered accommodation allowances are only applied during term time during the contracted weeks.  There is no allowance over Christmas or Easter breaks.


      The ID card and APP can be used while you are at the University as a registered student, or a staff member.


      Customers who join SimmPay will receive various offers which are updated from time to time.

      For the academic year 2021/22, SimmPay customers will receive the following cashless rewards.  5% loyalty reward for every whole pound spend on retail items (Bottled drinks, packaged snacks like confectionery).  So for every whole £1 spent on retail items, customer will earn 5p cashback. This reward will show as points in the Loyalty purse which the customers can redeem when they like.  Customers will also be able to collect coffee stamps in Cafes only and get the 10th hot drink free. The free hot drink will show as a voucher on the customer account.


      ID cards or the APP must be presented for all transactions; the provision of items will be refused without a valid card and you will be required to use an alternative payment method for any purchases made.


      Customers who wish to leave the SimmPay scheme can do so by closing their accounts.  Any funds left in the account must be spent before the account it closed. Customers can request for refunds of amounts over £10 by submitted a sundry payment form to the Catering office. The account will then be disabled after this request is made.


      The ID card has a microchip embedded in it. Please take care not to damage the card – it should not be bent, punctured or defaced in any way. Do not attach your card to a key ring.


      If you lose your card you must block it by logging into your account. You are liable for its use until you have blocked it.


      The University will not be responsible for any losses incurred on lost or stolen cards.


      ID cards are not transferable and must only be used by the registered cardholder. Misuse of the card will result in disciplinary action being taken.


      The University retains the right to block cards not being used by the registered cardholder.


      The University accepts no liability if unable to accept card payments due to technical problems.


      Terms and conditions are subject to change.